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"Our Day at the Movies"

Tuesday, May 6- “OUR DAY AT THE MOVIES”- The first Tuesday of each month, Cardinal Services sponsors a movie for any member of the community with a physical “disability” and their caregivers. $4.50 admission per person and a $3 popcorn/soda combo is available. The movie this month is- “The Amazing Spider-man 2” (PG13). Doors open at 9:00am and the movie starts at 10:00am. The theatre is fully wheelchair accessible and hearing impaired receivers are available upon request. 

Heaven is for Real

"Heaven is for Real" is now playing. Times for the week of April 18-24 are hereTickets are on sale now at the theatre. Churches seeking special showings and group pricing MUST contact the theatre through our email address- FYI- This movie will play a minimum of 3 full weeks at the theatre.


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