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Tuesday, April 22- “OPEN CAPTION DAY AT THE MOVIES- The fourth Tuesday of each month, Mary Max Cinemas sponsors a movie(s) for any member of the community with a hearing loss and their caregivers. $4.50 admission per person and a $3 popcorn/soda combo is available. The movies this month are- “Transcendence” (PG13) and “Heaven is for Real" (PG). Doors open at 9:00am and the movies start at 10:00am. The movies are shown with visible on-screen dialogue and descriptive info. No need for extra glasses or devices.


Heaven is for Real

"Heaven is for Real" is now playing. Times for the week of April 18-24 are hereTickets are on sale now at the theatre. Churches seeking special showings and group pricing MUST contact the theatre through our email address- FYI- This movie will play a minimum of 3 full weeks at the theatre.


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