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The following specials apply only to 2D movies. 3D films (unless so specified) are not eligible for these special rates.

Please note that Specials are subject to cancellation during November and December and from Memorial Day through Labor Day due to film studio restrictions. Check with the theatre for changes.

Monday, after 6pm, is DATE NIGHT- $20 per couple includes:

  • 2 admissions to a 2D movie
  • 1 large popcorn and 1 large soda with free refills

Tuesday is SENIOR DAY- seniors, 60 and older, pay $4.50 all day for any 2D movie

Wednesday is BARGAIN DAY- pay $4.50 all day for any 2D movie and $6.50 for any 3D movie. save up to 25% on tickets Mondays to Thursdays. Click the image below to start saving!

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